There is something graceful and lovely about the interaction. It is one relationship that friends will believe in right away and support. People will talk about the magic between the two of them and notice their chemistry as if they were movie stars paired for a film romance. Many will invest emotionally in the progress of the courtship and vote in favor of advancement. Ordinarily, this kind of social pressure would be the kiss of death, but in this case, it acts like a catalyst. The Libra man and the Gemini woman are cheered along by a gallery of admirers like a celebrity couple walking the red carpet at the Oscars.

Personality Traits of a Libra Male That Makes Women Fall for Him

Because Taurus and Libra belong to incompatible elements Earth and Air they might not be considered a particularly good love match. In reality though, things aren’t necessarily as difficult as they might initially appear! True, a fundamentally different approach to life — highly practical and self-contained in the case of Taurus — much more intellectual and people-oriented in the case of Libra — can give rise to some disagreements.

Libra’s constant weighing and balancing can be a source of irritation to the strong and silent Bull who never has a problem in making its mind up; in turn, Libra’s compulsive need to talk things through can be frustrated by Taurus’s uncommunicativeness.

Love, Marriage, and Compatibility for Taurus Bride and Groom, Image Courtesy of Kongsky, Traditional astrological wisdom holds that Tauruses are most compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces, and least .

Personality Traits of a Libra Male That Makes Women Fall for Him If you are dating a Libra male, you can consider yourself lucky, as a Libra man is said to have all those qualities that a woman looks for in a partner. Read on for a closer look at the Libra male personality. Although not everyone is an astrology expert, the subject interests many of us.

A zodiac sign is a significant factor that helps you explore yourself and your relationship with others. Knowing the characteristics of the zodiacs representing you and your partner, enables you to find the strengths and weaknesses in your compatibility quotient with him. Personality of a Libra Male Libra holds the seventh position among all the zodiacs, and it is an air sign.

Being ruled by the planet Venus, it’s also a symbol of positivity. People born between September 23 and October 22 belong to this zodiac sign. The weighing scales depict an overall balance in life. A Libra male’s personality shows this balance in his nature and thinking, as also in his personal and professional life. He is romantic, sensuous, and loving by nature.

Here are some of the important personality traits of a Libra male.


Free Scorpio man and Taurus woman compatibility horoscope According to the compatibility horoscope, a union between Scorpio man and Taurus woman will be nothing but an “unsettled ground”. One cannot say that these two can arouse anxiety in each other, but there is always a certain wariness in their relationship. But these zodiac signs are noted for their great pride that does not allow them to admit this.

Their secret eternal complexes sometimes force them to criticize each other, which is often the cause of unfolding battle.

I’m a libra man dating a Taurus, you just have to take will go smoothly as long as you can get over your shyness. She is an amazing woman and don’t have any regrets of taking that first step.

Share2 Libra Man — This is the man who is simply too popular with women. He has the odd ability to relate to the opposite sex almost on a feminine level, like one of the girls and that kind of understanding works very much in his favor. He is charming, elegant and very refined as far as his esthetic sense goes. All the attention he gets makes him a bit spoiled, but he manages to get away with that too! His multiple experiences have most definitely made him a suave lover.

These men will spend a lot of time cultivating relationships. The Libra male not only wants a relationship, he wants a perfect love affair…. He is an idealist by nature and so is convinced that such a finding is possible. He is the diplomat of the zodiac so very seldom will you find yourself in a quarrel with him. If, for some reason, upsetting incidents arise, he will surely walk away.

How to Date a Libra Man If You Are a Libra Woman

Feedly Taurus Man is a perfect match for most zodiac signs A post shared by Travel, Love, Adventure welove on Nov 22, at 2: Turn towards a Taurus man.

Dating turn ons: Meticulous, organized, Type A-personality Virgo is actually full of surprises when it comes to love, sex, and dating. This sign has a wild streak that .

People think Libras want to share everything, but, in fact, it is just the opposite. Two Libras together need twice the space. They may even wind up in separate bedrooms or separate wings of the house, but at least they understand that about one another. If not, it will degenerate into a cold shoulder detante. So there they are, lying together on the bed, each one facing outward with a big space in between.

There may be a lot of leadership between the two of them, but not always the motivation to put it into action. One of you has to be willing to test your theories in action. It depends on your individual personalities on the other parts of your chart and your personal life experiences. They can partner up. This will probably be interesting to you both because you like to talk things out.

You are both able to be exceptionally fair and detached in your judgment so that you may acually be able to arrive at a logical solution.

Zodiac sign Capricorn Love Compatibility

July 19, Libra Men: Libra is the sign of partnership and balance. People with several planets in Libra tend to be diplomatic, sociable and communicative.

The Libra Man Sexuality The Libra man is generous in bed and will do all the works to make his partner satisfied. He wants to please more than he wants to be pleased, making sex .

She needs to be centrifugal to his life, he just wants to party. Her drive towards passionate, intense experiences could push him to the limits and his personal quest for independence could leave her doubting if this is the right relationship after all. This is often a love-hate relationship in the extreme. He needs constant variety and doesn’t like being psyched out.

He’s not one for making long-term commitments, whereas she wants an exclusive relationship. They might have to work out what their true motives are for being together. Good relationship potential, but he may not be as passionate and challenging as she secretly craves.

How to Attract A Taurus Man

Apple and cypress Part of the body ruled by Taurus: Neck and throat Many Taureans have gorgeous voices Ruling Planet: Venus Venus was the Roman goddess of beauty, pleasure, the arts, laughter, sensuality and emotions Day:

Libra Man – This is the man who is simply too popular with women. He has the odd ability to relate to the opposite sex almost on a feminine level, like one of the girls and that kind of understanding works very much in his favor.

Gemini May June 21 Gemini Men: Why You’ll Love Him 1. Conversation is never dull with a Gemini, though it can certainly be long and winding! You’ll appreciate how this literate guy knows something about, well, just about everything. Who needs Google when you have him around? The zodiac’s trivia hound, Gemini collects facts the way you might amass handbags. He’s your sexy personal search engine, just waiting for your query.

And much like Google, he might not always be right, but he’ll come up with a million creative answers anyhow. He’s great with his hands. The body part associated with Gemini is the hands, and his touch can do oh-so much. Hit this guy up for a massage, a sexy grope…a chiropractic adjustment. Even holding hands can be an erotic adventure with him.

If you’re into couples’ massage or hours of intricate foreplay, this DIY guy will keep you entertained. Around the house, tinkering Gemini could be the guy who’s great at fixing things:

Taurus & Libra Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility

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